Application Submission for TEDxGrand Junction 2024 is open till August 31st.

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2024 Theme: All Things Awesome

All Things Awesome can be tailored to suit many interests and
topics. The topic “All Things Awesome” is quite broad and can encompass
a wide range of subjects that evoke feelings of excitement, inspiration, and
admiration. Here are some potential sessions that could be presented
under this theme.
1. Extraordinary Achievements: Highlighting remarkable
accomplishments in various fields such as science, technology,
sports, arts, and literature.
2. Inspiring Individuals: Profiles of influential figures who have made
significant contributions to society or have overcome great
3. Marvels of Nature: Exploring breathtaking natural wonders, unique
ecosystems, and fascinating phenomena found on Earth and beyond.
4. Human Endeavors: Showcasing examples of human ingenuity,
creativity, and innovation that have improved lives and pushed the
boundaries of what is possible.
5. Spectacular Events: Recounting memorable moments in history, epic
adventures, and thrilling experiences that captivate the imagination.
6. Cultural Marvels: Celebrating diverse cultures, traditions, and
customs from around the world that enrich the human experience.
7. Technological Marvels: Exploring groundbreaking inventions, cutting-
edge technologies, and futuristic concepts that are shaping the world
we live in.
8. Unforgettable Entertainment: Showcasing exceptional works of art,
music, film, literature, and other forms of entertainment that leave a
lasting impact on audiences.
9. Acts of Kindness: Sharing heartwarming stories of compassion,
generosity, and altruism that inspire others to make a positive
difference in the world.
10. Personal Triumphs: Highlighting individual stories of resilience,
determination, and personal growth that inspire others to overcome
adversity and pursue their dreams.

We will be accepting applications until August 31st, 2024 and speakers will be notified by September 14th, 2024.