Graham & Stefanie Anduri

Creating Harmonic Convergence: Parallels in Singing & Living

Harmonic Convergence is often regarded as random luck. However, classical music achieves continuous harmonic convergence to achieve optimal acoustic resonance known as the Singer’s Formant. This same creative intentionality can be mirrored in everyday life to achieve purposeful, creative existence.

Glenn Bott

Drop Your Crutches

I am a warrior and a survivor. By sharing my story along with my dramatic recovery from a severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), I inspire others to realize they have far more power than they realize and anything is possible.

Joel Dyar, Andy Bowen & Arielle Brachfeld and Hank Braxtan

How Filmmaking Can Change the World—And You

Western Colorado videographers Joel Dyar, Andy Bowen, and Arielle Brachfeld and Hank Braxtan share insights into the life and mis-adventures of filmmaking, their experiences giving voice to the voiceless, and the ways that we can all use video storytelling for change in the social media age.

Juliet Carr

Attempted Suicide: Overlooked & Under Served

An estimated 25-200 suicide attempts occur for every suicide death. Loved ones are left emotionally wounded, blamed, fearful, shamed and also responsible for the life and wellness of the person who attempted suicide. Creating resources for this overlooked under served population is essential.

Lauren Golia

Creativity, Connection & the Courage to Show Up

Creativity and connection—with ourselves, to each other—are as integral to our health as eating and sleeping. They allow us to move beyond just surviving—to flourishing.

Eli Marco Hall

Break the Cycle

Growing up with a racist father, I eventually had to ask, “do I believe these perspectives to be true?” All aspects of life can be improved if we figure out how to break the cycle of what we are taught by teachers, preachers and parents, and empower ourselves to design every aspect of our own lives.

Sarah Johnson

Connection is the Cure

Social connections aren’t just nice to have. They are in direct relationship to our personal and community health, with loneliness and isolation now understood to be as impactful as smoking and obesity. In an era of social media, divisive politics and crammed calendars, true connection can feel elusive. Research tells us, however, that the quality of the connection is more important than the quantity, and it’s necessary if we want to be healthy and whole.

Justin Lewis

Give Your Software Away: Building Healthcare Tech Systems with a Global Reach & Local Impact

Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) are considered to be an effective way to determine health outcomes yet solutions are lacking. One Colorado company is giving away software to ensure access to tech used to fight Malaria globally and now more diverse health conditions locally (including SDOH).

Melissa Lowe

Drug Smuggler’s Daughter: Creating Light From Darkness

Imagine your childhood wrapped in mystery, lies, and secrecy. Trying to figure life out, then finding solace in skydiving. Not only am I a drug smuggler’s daughter, but I’m a 3rd generation skydiver whose never known what I wanted out of life, but followed my heart to create an incredible life.

Rebecca Mullen

The Vegetarian & the Hunter: Creating Peace at the Dinner Table

My Daughter became a vegetarian after learning the horrors of animal testing. My son fills our freezer each year with meat he shot with his bow. With such a chasm between beliefs, how did our family find harmony at the dinner table? We learned to tell and to listen to one another’s stories.

Heather O’Brien

Them is Us: Recreating Ourselves; Recreating our Community

A remedy can be found to our current polarization by engaging with those who do NOT share our beliefs. You do not have to agree with another person; you just have to listen. We can blow up the labels which divide us, giving us the choice and the chance to recreate ourselves and our community.

Devan Sky Penniman

You are a Creative Even if You Can’t Draw a Stick Figure

From a young age we encounter multiple obstacles that bring down our confidence to create. From messy macaroni drawings to feeling that the only definition of creativity is to be an artist. Well I am here to tell you that being a creative is so much more than being able to draw a stick figure.

Paul Powers

Where is My Flying Car?

The movie “Back to the Future” showed flying cars and hover boards dominating America by now. This talk will explore why physical creativity is lagging behind software creativity, why this might soon change and how to address this issue.

Michael Pramenko M.D.

Marketing Healthy Behavior: Sustainable Health Care in the U.S. & Beyond

Life expectancy is falling in the United States while we spend twice as much on health care than most other developed countries.

We must market healthy behavior more than we currently market unhealthy behavior.

Lessons from Hippocrates from 2500 years ago await. Here is a bold solution.

Sheila Reiner

Election Reform in Colorado

Over the past decade Colorado has become top in the nation for providing secure transparent and audited Elections. I was a part of it beginning in December of 2012 when I served on the Executive Board for the Colorado County Clerks Association.

I will tell you how it was then, what the ideas were and how the Colorado County Clerks Association played an integral part in the process. Today Colorado Elections are a model for the nation. The vision, perseverance, blood sweat and tears of your Colorado Election officials have paid off and now we have got to maintain that standard.

Corey Spurlock

Slam Poet