Saturday, June 18, 2022


Avalon Theater


Grand Junction, Colorado

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2022 Line Up

Danielle Carlomusto

Where Did All the People Go? Reimagining Children's Television

Elizabeth Clark

The Neural Reboot

Kayla Stearns

When Life Gives You Lemons, Sacrifice Your Limb

Kurtis Minder

What You Need to Know About Ransomware

Janet Grace Nelson

This is Not a Dress Rehearsal

Kathleen Diehl & Company - Laura Bradley / Cassidy Phillips / Kara Farmer

Moving to Connect

Lisa Lee

Praise, it's not just for kids anymore. #Bless your heart.

Dr. Lindsay Blooms

Multitasking is the Mindkiller

Matthew Price

Action Cures Fear

Mike Spradlin

Life Before and After a Double Lung Transplant

Tina Greenbaum

Befriend Your Inner Enemy

Victor Yahn

The Coroner’s Office

Rick Taggart

Sharyl West Loeung

Why Grandma is Losing Out to Friendsgiving

Pre-Event Workshops

Rebecca Mullen

Workshop #1: How Do You Ask For What You Want?

Mariah Mason

Workshop #2: Explore the Grand Valley like a local, even if you are one.

Skip Hudson

Workshop #3: Simple & Effective Stress Busting Techniques