Lisa Lee

Praise, It's Not Just For Kids Anymore. #Blessyourheart

When we spend time with children, it seems that we have an innate ability to give them genuine praise for their efforts, but at what point do we decide that it’s not needed? Regardless of age, we all need to hear that we’re doing a good job, that our efforts are noticed and appreciated, and that we are seen and valued.

Lisa Lee is a 35-year veteran educator, and is still going strong, having been named Teacher of the Year in DeKalb County, Georgia, and was runner-up for the Colorado state award. Lisa has developed programs and curriculum for learners of all ages. Although her career has included teaching learners of all ages, Lisa currently serves as a Resource Teacher in the Gifted and Talented department in Jefferson County, Colorado. She’s served as the keynote speaker at conferences throughout the world, where she shares her passion about the importance of developing genuine relationships.