Matthew Price

Action Cures Fear

We often pull back from the many things in life we say we want because of the fear associated with taking risks. Be inspired to take action to conquer your fear and learn a simple process to support you in creating a fulfilling life.  

Matthew Price is a father, husband and founder and CEO of Priceless Coaching and Consulting.  He’s dedicated his life to the pursuit of improvement of the human spirit and leadership development. He has 20 years of experience working in a Fortune 500 company, leading and developing over 200 people and helping them maximize their talent and time while also finding joy. Matthew started a multimillion-dollar business at the age of 24 in which the founding principles for his coaching and consulting business started. He fell in love with teamwork and the human experience of living in the flow while rowing at Pacific Lutheran University. He finds joy in his own life as a basketball and soccer coach for youth and spending time outdoors skiing, mountain biking and playing with his family.