Sara Serritella

Crack the Case of Human Connection

Sara Serritella is an award-winning journalist, licensed private detective, and lecturer at the University of Chicago, where she co-built and teaches science communication courses at the medical school, graduate school, and college. Sara serves as the Director of Communications for the Institute for Translational Medicine, and she teaches science communication to physicians and researchers across the National Institutes of Health’s Clinical and Translational Science Awards Program and its academic medical centers. As a partner at the investigations firm Vantius, Sara’s favorite cases are helping exonerate the wrongfully-convicted. She translates behavioral science and field experience connecting with people of all backgrounds to her work in education. Sara is a proud alum of Northwestern University. She has reported at media outlets across the country and been part of Pulitzer Prize-winning coverage. She is a lover of rescue pit bulls, yoga, via ferratas, and awesome alliteration.