March 7, 2020 • 9am

16 Sessions • Exciting Exhibits

Vision. What we see and what we can’t see. Vision gives us an eye into the future and clarifies the past. It takes great vision to see past the present and to lead to places we’ve never gone before. The greatest among us can see possibilities that have never before been imagined and bring them into existence.

Karl Castleton

40 Years in Tech: Where We Went Wrong!

Diana Green

Shifting Financial Gears

Logan B. Watkins

Finding Superheroes: At Home and Abroad

Savanah Overturf

Autism Through My Eyes

Kayra Martinez

Using Art as a Powerful Medium to Transform the Lives of Refugees in Greece

Michelle Boisvenue-Fox

Palaces for the People: Library as Community Builder

Jen and Codi Mendenhall

Codi's Life - From Coding to Communication Technology

Victoria Chavez-Herrera

The Last Industrial Frontier

Stacy Mendell

Can Shelter Pets Heal a Community?

Matt Angleman

Can Shelter Pets Heal a Community?

Geoff Mueck

A Road to Nowhere

Gina Heumann

Childhood Trauma Affects Us All

Shawnee Talbot

Music is Medicine

Randy Coleman

If Not For You, For Someone Else

Shannon Pinto

Diversity in State Government

Buescher Bernie

Bernie Buescher

How Colorado Solved the Redistricting Challenges and Passed Meaningful Reform

Haka Dancers

Led by Jacob Cadelinia

March 7, 2020 • Avalon Theatre

645 Main St
Grand Junction, CO